Can Quitting Smoking Cause Heartburn And Indigestion?


Quit Smoking CigarettesIf you are a smoker, you probably already know that your habit can cause a number of side effects and health issues. Maybe you are trying to quit because you have a chronic cough, are worried about developing lung disease, or just don’t like the way your clothes and hair smell to non-smokers.

You should know that your body may have adjusted to cigarettes if you have been smoking for awhile, and you may experience some temporary side effects when you stop. Try not to let these temporary symptoms throw you off track. They may be very uncomfortable, but can usually be quickly relieved by natural remedies or a trip to the drug store counter.

Most people say that they feel better than they can ever remember feeling a few weeks after they quit smoking. This part is tough, but if you can stick it out, life will get better.

Can Quitting Smoking Cause Heartburn And Indigestion?

Do you already suffer from heartburn or indigestion? If so, you might experience aggravated symptoms. This is particularly true if you do nothing to relieve them. In some cases, people who never had any major symptoms of digestive issues may feel them for awhile. This should be temporary and only last for a few weeks to a few months.

So if you are wondering – can quitting smoking cause heartburn and indigestion – the answer might be yes.

Meanwhile, you can explore some natural solutions to relieve your symptoms. The simplest solution might be to purchase a pack of Tums or another over-the-counter digestive aid. Tums mostly contains calcium so it might even be a good nutritional supplement while it helps absorb the excess stomach acid produced by your stomach as it adjusts to the lack of nicotine in your bloodstream.

You do not have to purchase a particular brand name product. There might be store brands that are cheaper and contain exactly the same ingredients.

If you prefer an herbal alternative, chamomile tea is known as an effective relaxing herb. It helps people settle down and fall asleep. This common herb can also help relax your digestive organs. You might enjoy this herb when it is brewed into a nice hot cup of tea. If you do not care for tea, or need it when you travel, you can also purchase capsules with this herb inside.

In addition to actual pain and cramping, you may even have to deal with the embarrassment of excess gas. Flatulence is only funny when it happens to somebody else.

If you experience extra gas when you quite smoking, you might be prudent to avoid the kinds of food that are frequently associated with flatulence. These could include beans, cabbage, and cauliflower. You can also purchase some very effective remedies at your local drugstore without a prescription. One common brand name product is called Beano, but you may be able to find cheaper alternatives with the same active ingredients too.

Some folks even experience nausea when they stop smoking. This is sort of ironic because many new smokers experience nausea when the first take up the habit. Even though this may be one of the worst symptoms you will have to deal with, it should only last for a few days.

You might drink a soda or any type of carbonated drink. Alternatively, you could turn to a common remedy. If you prefer an herbal remedy, you can try cloves. It is interesting to note that many “fake” cigarettes that ex-smokers like are flavored by cloves. Eating a couple of dry crackers can also help alleviate the feeling that you are about to send your lunch back up.

Are you experiencing aggravated allergy symptoms or even hives? Hives are skin blemishes that are usually caused by an allergic reaction. In some cases, they may even be caused by stress.

As your body detoxifies itself of all of the chemicals in cigarettes, you may find your body reacting to some of them. Before they were stored away in your fat, but now they are in your bloodstream before finally being eliminating.

These skin reactions should vanish within a week. If you are really suffering, you might want to visit your doctor. Your family doctor can prescribe something to relieve the itching, and he may even as you if you would like a prescription to help calm your nerves as you quit smoking.

If you experience any really uncomfortable symptoms or even pain, you should also call your doctor. It might be very possible that these are a result of your new determination to be smoke free. But it could also be a coincidence, and you might have a medical condition that requires medical treatment.

Are You Very Nervous And Shaky Without Cigarettes?

When you quit smoking, you probably will experience a shaky or nervous feeling. This is very unpleasant, but it is also very normal. Some digestive problems might simply be a result of these nervous feelings too.

You might try taking a good B complex vitamin with vitamin C for absorption. Vitamin B3 actually helps your body produce more serotonin to cope with your craving and nervous feelings. It is best taken with the rest of the B-complex and vitamin C for complete absorption.

Can Quitting Smoking Cause Heartburn, Indigestion, Hives, and Other Maladies?

You probably will experience some side effects when you quit smoking. If you have been smoking for years, your body has taken steps to try to adjust to the toxins you keep breathing in. As you detoxify, your body may have trouble handling this new situation too. Different people experience different symptoms when they finally kick the habit.

Otherwise, you should know that you can find many remedies for your symptoms. If they persist, or are very bad, you can visit your doctor for more assistance. Every doctor is happy to do whatever they can to help their patients feel better, stop smoking, and improve their health.


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